Emotion. Tears came uncontrollably. How far away

The shady outskirts of the woodland. On a summit overlooking the down, Gem Varley took a break from harvesting. He looked over his shoulder at his day's labours. Golden stooks stood in the field, where earlier the harvesters – men, women and children from the surrounding hamlets and villages – had worked under the burning sun, until departing as evening approached to their various cottages and hovels. Most had trodden the winding track to the village of Castle Combe, which lay hidden in the wooded valley on the further edge of the field. Gem wiped the sweat from his brow and draped the yellowing neckerchief around his bronzed neck. He had worked in these fields, on the family farm, for nearly forty harvests, starting as youtube a young boy toiling away as a gleaner. Gem gazed around at the landscape that lay before him; away to his right the deciduous wood continued for as far as his eyes could see, stretching like a wooden frame on a painting holding the countryside in place. Far below him, in the hamlet of Long Dean, the occasional cottage roof poked through the trees. Gem's thin, sandy hair blew in the breeze. He lifted his head in order to face the wind and absorb its cool air on his burnt cheeks. Crows circled below him, cawing loudly to each other as they flew past. Before him the hill sloped sharply away over a series of ridges and came to rest on a flat plain, until it rose steeply again on the far side of the lowland. Through the centre of this secluded buy youtube views valley ran a small stream, bordered on both sides by a narrow band of trees and bushes. The trees were dense enough to hide the stream from Gem's view but he smiled buy youtube views as his memory pierced the wooden barricade, remembering the many times he had played there as a boy, splashing bare-footed through its cool sparkling water, chasing after Cusack. Less than twenty feet away to Gem's left stood his brother. Cusack was cleaning his sickle, wiping its curved blade with a rag. He paid little heed to the other man. The brothers scarcely spoke. The silence was only disturbed by a wood pigeon repeating its plea from its roost in the valley below. Both men were clothed youtube in the drab brown garb of the tillerman. Coarse, brown buy youtube views sack-like material clung to their bodies, buy youtube views glued by the buy youtube views sweat of the day's endeavours. The two farmers were very similar in features; each owned the strong physique of the rustic labourer. Their arms rippled with muscles hardened and honed by the vigorous effort that their employment demanded. Gem was the taller by a few inches, although he just failed to measure six feet. Their identical bronze features – dark brown eyes, long straight noses and strong mouths – often fooled strangers into thinking they were twins. Twenty years ago that had been a yahoo great source of amusement and a bonding tie between the brothers, but any filial warmth had long evaporated. They now rarely conversed, speaking only out of necessity. The taciturn atmosphere between the brothers was not born out of any family jealousy or clash of personalities. Its origins were to be found in a long-standing difference of political viewpoint, ranging back over twenty years to the time of the Great War that tore England apart during the reign of King Charles the First. Gem had fought with the Parliamentarians, in so doing isolating himself from the rest of his family, who sided with the King and the Royalists. Neither his father Isaiah nor